A safety checklist for renting

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Make sure you cover all your bases by giving your tenants the perfect rental.  

Finding the right people to live in your property is a task in itself - however, once you find the perfect tenants, you’ll need to reward them with safe living conditions. It is easy to forget about checking certain areas of your house - so we thought we would help you with a little checklist below;

Interior safety checks:

There are certain indoor check that you need to make to ensure the safety and health of your tenants. If you ensure these are checked on a regular basis, you will immediately minimise the chances of fires, faulty wiring, cracks and water stains and ventilation risks. You will need to regularly check;

  • Ceilings

  • Doors

  • Lights

  • Walls

  • Fireplaces

  • All outlets

  • Floors

Exterior safety checks:

Outdoor problems on your property are usually easier to notice than your indoor issues, nonetheless they can be missed. Here you need to keep an eye out for any issue that can progress to high maintenance problems.  To be able to prevent cracks in walls, slippery pathways, roof collapses, bad wiring from cracks, and water stains, you will need to thoroughly inspect;

  • Windows

  • Roof

  • Lights

  • The whole landscape

  • Walkways, stairs and pathways

  • Outside doors

It is important to note that if you have appliances that are included in your rental then you need to thoroughly inspect those too. These appliance include;

  • Geysers

  • Washing machines/dryers

  • Dishwashers

  • Oven or stove

  • Fridges

  • Hot plates

  • Smoke alarms/ security alarms

Remember to conduct these inspections on a regular basis in order to catch any potential issues before there is expensive and irreparable damage to your property.

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