Apartment or House, which is Right for You?

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Over the last decade or two, the property market has changed considerably in terms of living in houses or apartments. Where once for many the ultimate goal was to own a home; a free-standing unit, with a patch of garden, a garage, and good neighbours, there’s a growing amount of people who opt to stay in their apartments or move into larger ones. So, which option is for you? Stick with the city or go live the suburban dream?
Space & Personalisation
Houses are bigger than apartments. Yes, you can get a huge apartment that rivals a house regarding the living space, but you’d also be paying more per square meter for that luxury. Buying and living in a house also comes with the benefit of a far broader scope of personalisation. In most apartments you’ll be limited to applying a lick of paint here and there, putting up a shelf or two, and mounting a few paintings. In a house, your limited only by your imagination and budget (and structural elements). 

Maintenance & Amenities
Apartments almost always win this one, only because maintenance is generally covered by the body corporate and costs are shared among all tenants. Then again, if you’re the type of guy or girl who gets a kick from fixing things themselves (or you don’t trust the work unless you’ve done it yourself), maybe the suburban choice would suit you better. There are other exceptions, but we’re not going to get into technicalities here. Similarly, apartments also come with better amenities. Depending on the block, it might include a gym or wellness centre, communal pool, braai area, and more. Each of those carries a substantial cost if you want them installed at your house.  

Convenience & Lifestyle
Living in an apartment usually means you’ll be in the city and therefore closer to work. This leads to savings in personal time and transport costs. You’ll also have more entertainment and shopping options nearby. On the flip side, in an apartment you may have to deal with certain restrictions that wouldn’t be an issue in a house; keeping pets, having space to hang laundry or braaiing with an open flame.  

Privacy & Security
Barring the odd curious neighbour, houses are far more private than apartments. There’s almost zero chance of having to deal with thin walls, and you don’t have to worry about cigarette smoke coming through the windows. Apartments have the upper-hand when it comes to security though, as most new blocks have round-the-clock guards and/or CCTV systems, and all entrances are gated or have coded locks. 

As you can see from the above, there’s no definitive answer to the question of which way you should go, and your decision will be based mainly on your personal preferences and priorities. However, at the very least, we hope this article will help you make a more informed decision when the time comes. 


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