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Spend a night out in the lively cultural hub of Cape Town 

Apart from its award winning restaurants, Woodstock is also home to many unique night time spots serving drinks and music that will keep your toes tapping and hips swinging. Here are a few places to start your pub "adventures" in and around Woodstock.

Jamaica Me Crazy
Mosey on down to Woodstock for some Caribbean flavour at the Jamaica Me Crazy bar and grill house. You can expect free WiFi while you and your pooch chill at the sports bar or rooftop deck areas. The kitchen serves lip-smacking pizzas, burgers and a range of Caribbean cuisine, as well as a variety of vegetarian meals. The food is great, the drinks are mind-blowing, and the vibe will make you feel as if you are actually partying on the Caribbean island itself.
+27(0)21 448 0691 | 74 Roodebloem Road | Woodstock

Casa Nostra Bar
Also known as Casa Woodstock, this sports bar is a true festival of music and art. You will definitely feel comfortable and relaxed inside the cosy space opposite the Old Biscuit Mill. Expect delectable cuisine and exquisite drinks. They regularly host Thirsty Thursday Open Mic, where you can throw back a few tequilas before showing off your impressive vocal range on stage. 
+27(0)72 226 0830 | 332 Albert Road | Woodstock

Devil's Peak Brewing Company
There is no way - even if you've tried - to miss this building. It towers over the Woodstock streets with its face brick and steel armoury. They love beer and they're passionate about brewing, this is evident by tasting one of their unique craft beers. From ales and lagers to IPAs and golden ales - if you are a beer person this spot will satisfy your curiosity and quench your thirst. 
+27(0)21 200 5818 | 150 Cecil Road | Salt River

Fat Cactus
This has become a renowned franchise for most Capetonians looking to spice up their night out.The Fat Cactus lives up to its name with their amazing Tex-Mex (Texas and Mexican) snacks and mouth puckering tequila. They offer jugs of margarita and hand-crafted 100% Agave tequila - what other reasons do you need to go? 
+27(0)21 447 1713 | 160 Albert Road | Woodstock

The Woodstock Gin Company
Situated next to the Old Biscuit Mill, sits a quaint shop that makes their own gin from scratch. Their entire brewing process happens in-house, where you can go for a small tour when you visit. The gin tasting is paired with their specially made tonics that are soothing and refreshing. Make it a part of your itinerary, you won't regret it.
+27(0)76 726 3093 | 399 Albert Road | Woodstock

The Woodstock Lounge
This recently renovated hang out is fresh and contemporary. You can start your evening with one of their wine tastings and delicious menu tests. From tapas and pasta to burgers and pizza - they satisfy any craving you might have with an array of mouth-watering meal options. 
+27(0)21 448 3338 | 70 Roodebloem Road |  Woodstock 

Sangrita Tequila Bar
When you see Sangrita and Tequila in the same name of your favourite bar, you know you have found the perfect spot to indulge in your love for strong drinks and bright lights. Taste authentic Mexican food, sip on ice-cold drinks and make use of their free WiFi. This is definitely a place to get the party started.
+27(0)21 447 3031 | 135 Albert Road | Woodstock


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