Benefits of in-person house viewings in the digital age

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Searching for your dream home is a lot easier today than it was 20 years ago, but some of the older methods of marketing a house still have significant benefits in the digital age. The first port of call for anyone looking for property is the internet - a quick search to get a feel of prices, areas and what’s available. This allows the buyer to find multiple potential homes in just minutes.

Many estate agents have abandoned the more traditional methods of marketing, such as house viewings and show days, due to the success rate of online sales. However, there is something about actually visiting a property and seeing it in person that captures the true essence of the home - it allows the buyer to see (in three dimensions) how big the space actually is, what minor repair work will need to be done, and what the neighbouring properties look like.

Although security risks are prevalent at open house viewings, having numerous potential buyers walking through the door on a single day can be advantageous. The buyers are able to get a better understanding of the area, as well as being able to talk to the estate agent in person. Any questions or concerns from the buyer can be easily ironed out by the agent. If the buyer chooses not to purchase the home, they have still connected with the agent who can notify them of other properties in the future.

Opening a house to the public on a specific day of the week also means that all the cleaning and preparation for the show only needs to be done once a week. This minimises the work and pressure on the estate agent and current occupant of the house. Having the seller open up the house multiple times a week can be a burden and a time-consuming distraction from their daily routine, so having a set day where many buyers can view the property makes more logistical sense.

While each estate agent will use their preferred methods for marketing a house, sometimes a simple ‘On Show’ sign on the road outside can attract potential buyers who are simply driving through the area. This is especially beneficial if a buyer has been looking for properties in the area, but has not looked at all the property websites.

Despite the obvious reach and abundance of online property listings, seeing a house in person is still the best way to know if you want to purchase the property or not. The atmosphere of the area and the layout of the house can be truly felt and seen. In your search for real estate, consider attending the show days in future and you’ll be glad to have interacted with the agents within the walls of the home.


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