Can Cape Town residents expect higher water bills?

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Sectional title water scheme can affect your water usage

With the intensified water restrictions currently implemented in Cape Town, residents have not only lessened their water consumption but they can now expect bigger bills as landlords begin the installation of individual water meters.

The growing trend of individual meters has swept through the Western Cape, with an increasing amount installed since the effects of the drought were a reality for many Capetonians. Body corporates have introduced a sectional title scheme which uses prepaid water meters (individual water meters). Each unit in the scheme has a prepaid water meter, which many residents have said will skyrocket expenses.

One of the problems with the sectional title scheme is the payment of the bills - if there is an exceptionally large water bill, the reserves will not cover the account, resulting in the municipality cutting the service to the scheme.

In times of serious drought, the prepaid water scheme is likely to encourage many residents (who have not felt the brunt of the drought themselves) to conserve water as they will see the consequences directly. The use of prepaid electricity had this effect on many residents, forcing them to realize how much electricity they use and how it directly affects their bank accounts.

How to deal with the sectional title scheme?

The preferred system would be for the homeowners to control the payment of electricity and water with an upfront payment. This payment would ease administrative strains from the trustees.

The trend is helping the City of Cape Town’s efforts to alleviate excessive water usage, with which many tenants who rent do not concern themselves, as homeowners bear the brunt of this expense. Although this will be an added expense for many tenants, the overall impact for Cape Town will likely give positive feedback.


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