Cape Town Residents will be Drinking Sea Water from August

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Is the Western Cape Water Crisis Solved?

With the recent rainfall in the Mother City, our dams are still only on 23% capacity. In order to assist with the water crisis in the Western Cape, the City of Cape Town aspires to have fully functional desalination plants pumping out 500 million litres of sea water filtered to fresh water per day. This could mean that Capetonians will no longer be dependent on dams as a water source.

Minister Mokonyane visits Theewaterskloof Dam 

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According to the Sunday Times, businesses and organisations that are interested in installing, operating and supplying temporary reverse osmosis plants, have until the 10 July 2017 to submit their ideas and information to the City of Cape Town municipality.

The head of Infrastructure in the city council water and sanitation department, Kevin Balfour said the council wanted to have several small‚ intermediate and large plants‚ with the first commissioned in August 2017 and ready to produce drinking water by the end of the month.

An example of a 360-degree solution desalination plant is currently up and running in Mossel Bay and it supplies 10 mega litres of potable water per day. Seawater is pumped to a pump station and screened via drum screens to get rid of kelp, seashells and other impurities. The water is then passed through 6 filters prior to undergoing reverse osmosis for purification. The treated water is then transferred into split tanks. The water is then chemically treated to ensure the correct pH balance and to kill bacteria before it can join the municipal water supply. The success of this system shows how a desalination system can be used to assist the Cape Town Water Crisis.

The City of Cape Town is looking into establishing several small, intermediate and  possibly even large plants to supply potable water. These plants will be temporary, using reverse osmosis, desalination, or similar technology from seawater and other water sources.

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