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Find out where you can find some of the best cups of coffee in Woodstock, Cape Town

The coffee culture in Cape Town is flabbergasting, let alone the cult-like coffee craze that’s apparent throughout the rest of the world. Our love for coffee has been around for centuries and is ubiquitous. From stereotypical depictions such as a detective smoking some cigarettes and sipping on some staled cold coffee in a movie, to everyday occurrences like your mum enjoying a cup after work with her biscuits - coffee is everywhere. When you get older it becomes the norm;you just have to get your coffee fix before you can do anything!

It's the aroma, the taste, the energy and the relaxation you get from each cup of coffee that has us craving more. What’s more, the coffee culture is not going anywhere, anytime soon, so we decided to join in and select some really cool coffee places for you to sample in the trendy suburb of Woodstock.
Rosetta Roastery
Their coffees have character and that's what we love. All their coffee beans are imported from South & Central America, Africa and Asia. They also deliver twice a week to various locations around Cape Town for FREE, and courier nationwide. 
+27(0)21 447 4099 |  66 Albert Road | Woodstock

Tribe Coffee
The name says it all - it’s the raw calling for coffee, almost primitive. They don't just serve heartwarming coffee, but great meals and light snacks to make the visit even better. From espressos and filter coffees to chocolate infused coffee beans - these are just a few options from their range. Tribe Coffee also makes their own House Blend - what more do you need?
+27(0)21 448 3362 | The Woodstock Foundry | 160 Albert Road | Woodstock

Seattle Coffee Co
This is a coffee lover's dream - coffee available 24/7. They are a popular franchise in Cape Town and are one of the preferred coffee stores to help fellow Capetonians get their day started. You will find a Seattle Coffee Co at any of you 24hr convenience stops at Caltex Fresh Stops and Food Lovers Markets across the country.
+27(0)21 465 2967 | Sir Lowry Road |  Woodstock

The Deli
Whether you are on your lunch break or strolling the streets of Woodstock, stopping by The Deli is a must-do.The Deli was created from the passion of fresh ingredients and the want for additive-free food. While you’re there, sample one of their superb breakfasts or tuck into an ultimate mid-day meal. Their coffee is worth mentioning as they use Deluxe espresso beans.
+27(0)21 461 8056 | 190 Sir Lowry Road | Woodstock 

The Kitchen
The Kitchen is always busy - filled with their loyal customers. They are famous for their salads and sandwiches that attract locals and tourists alike.
Some of their signature meals include the honey mustard sausages, Burghlers, falafels, almond croissants and heart warming coffee from the Rosetta Roastery - which are all available daily.
The lunch rush starts at 11.30am and ends at 2pm. But don't be put off, as the service is quick and the food is worth the wait.
+27(0)21 462 2201 | 111 Sir Lowry Road | Woodstock

Flatmountain Coffee Roasters
This Cape Town-based coffee shop pays tribute to the culture and passion behind the origins of coffee.Their coffees are bought and roasted carefully, respecting each bean’s personality and the unique flavours from the different varieties. Coffee is more than just a beverage here, it is why people meet.
+27(0)74 115 8441 | 101 Sir Lowry Road | Woodstock

Bread Cafe
What’s better than bread and coffee? A foodies heaven, BREAD offers the perfect balance between food and life, where you can grab something to eat and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Sit back, relax and soak up the delicious aromas of the freshly baked goods and coffees they have on offer.
+27(0)21 447 4730 | 250 Albert Road | Woodstock


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