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Fresnaye, often included in the Sea Point locale, is nestled between the base of Lion’s Head and Sea Point. It is an affluent suburb with some of the most luxurious and expensive properties available in the Cape Town area. Its location makes it a popular holiday base for foreign tourists, who often snap up the properties for use as holiday homes.

Where is Fresnaye?

Set directly on the slopes of Lion’s Head, Fresnaye overlooks Sea Point to the north and Bantry Bay to the south-west. The panoramic views from the heights of Fresnaye are magnificent, giving residents sweeping scenes of the Atlantic Ocean, Table Bay and Robben Island.

This prime location at the base of Lion’s Head also means that it is sheltered from the relentless southeasterly winds late in the year. Fresnaye has around 2000 residents and covers a total area of less than one square kilometre.

A brief history of Fresnaye

In 1739, Francois le Seuer and his family arrived on the shores of Cape Town to serve as the advisor to the Cape Governor, Hendrik Swellengrebel. The le Seuer family lived in Winterslust - a 200-acre estate on the slopes of Signal Hill, the site of which was later renamed Fresnaye in honour of the French family. Most of the streets in Fresnaye still have French names.

In 1776, Sam Wallis, a commander serving under Captain Cook, took up camp in Fresnaye with his men to avoid a smallpox outbreak that was sweeping through the Cape at the time.

Things to do in Fresnaye

Although the small residential suburb doesn’t have many of its own attractions, it provides easy access to all of the Atlantic Seaboard’s beaches, as well as the Sea Point promenade. It is also a short trip from the city centre, meaning that getting to museums, art galleries and the V&A Waterfront takes only a few minutes. Fresnaye is within walking distance from the four Clifton beaches, as well as the Sea Point swimming pools.

All of Sea Point’s shopping centres, restaurants, cafés and bars are mere minutes away from Fresnaye, offering locals and tourists a complete range of activities and venues to choose from. Sunsets over the Atlantic Seaboard are the best in the Cape Town, and thanks to the elevated position of Fresnaye, they are particularly breathtaking when viewed from the balcony of your accommodation.


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