Give Your Small Apartment Big Space!

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Just because you stay in a small apartment doesn’t mean it has to feel that way! With a few small adjustments and some clever tricks, you can be just as comfortable in your small space as anyone in a cavernous home, and you might even be happier with what you have.

First things first, make more space – literally. Pack away anything that doesn’t need to be on display or quickly accessible (we’ll get to creating more storage space in a second). Give everything an allocated place so that 1) you always know where to find it and 2) you can optimise that space. Next up, remove closet doors where possible and replace them with curtains, this prevents them from taking up precious space every time you open them.

Creating more storage space is easier than you think, you’ve just got to be innovative and willing to put in a little work. When putting up shelves don’t stick to the ordinary – look at unused spaces like above other furniture and doorways. Storage above doorways is great for keeping stuff that you don’t need regularly as it’s out of the way but still within reach. Also, never underestimate the storage space under you bed! Optimise it by installing wheeled-drawers or using boxes that can easily slide in and out.

A common go-to tip for making space is getting rid of old stuff, and we’re all for that, but what about replacing it with the exact same thing except it’ll only take up a fraction of the space? Wait, what? You read that right, and you already know what we’re talking about – going digital. Ditch the CDs (do people still use those?), DVDs, Blu-rays, decoders, etc and take it all online, or at least to a hard drive. 

Onto one of the easiest and most effective rules to implement, “one in, one out”. This goes for everything, clothes, crockery, books, and anything else. It avoids things piling up and motivates you to keep things fresh! Another easy one to implement is making the mundane beautiful. Chances are you’re going to have some open shelving, so instead of it just being storage use it as display areas for your beautiful glassware, crockery, appliances and more.

Our final tip is more of a lifestyle change than a physical one – get out. Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with an abundance of free and paid-for activities. If you start feeling too cramped in your space pack a bag (or don’t) and go find some adventure. Walk the prom, climb Lion’s Head, visit the Aquarium, stroll the city, grab a coffee, meet a friend, watch a movie – the options are almost endless!

We hope that helps get you on your way to feeling less cramped and more free in your cosy space!


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