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Things to do, where to go and what to see when you visit the Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town

Welcome to Green Point, one of Cape Town's trendiest central suburbs! This vibrant area on the Atlantic Seaboard is home to fabulous restaurants, vibey bars, urban parks and a stadium. Green Point is often referred to as the Soho of the Mother City, with a rich history, activities and attractions. Read more about the energetic area;

Where is Green Point?
Green Point falls between Three Anchor Bay and Mouille Point. It hugs Lion's Head and borders Sea Point. The suburb is a large area just outside the city centre. It is 74,2km away from Cape Point and is 9,3km away from Table Mountain. Real estate in the area is occupied by mostly young working individuals, with two or three bedroom apartments in high rise buildings being the norm. The area is home to the beloved Green Point Stadium and showcases some of the city’s up-and-coming restaurants and bars.

The history of Green Point
The area of Green Point was used by the Dutch settlers as a cattle grazing station. In 1806, after the British had annexed the Cape areas, Green Point became the area for social events such as horse races.

In 1830, the area was home to 40 people with the Postmaster General being one of them. By 1820, the construction of the lighthouse in Green Point had become the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere, let alone in Southern Africa.

Green Point was used by the military as an encampment area in the South African War (1899 - 1902). It was mainly used to house large groups of British soldiers as well as Boer prisoners of war. 

Things to see and do in Green Point
The area thrives on the bustling nightlife, with clubs and bars open all nights of the week. The restuarants in the area showcase many of the innovative and well-known chefs in the Mother City, with new trends originating from the area’s quirkiest restaurants.

You won’t need to worry about finding activities to do in the area, as restaurants and bars aren't the only places you can venture to. There are urban parks that you can use to relax and soak up some sun. You can't miss the Green Point Stadium, where you can be guaranteed to enjoy many sports matches, concerts and events on a yearly basis.

Home to many of the city’s favourite little spots along the Green Point running route, you can easily stop for a quick coffee at Cape Quarter Mall on Somerset Road, or spend a day of pampering and treatment at Ibeauty day spa.

There is also, of course, the V&A Waterfront where you are free to peruse hundreds of shops. The shopping centre is home to seaside restaurants such as Shimmy Beach Club, as well stunning coffee nooks on the waterfront itself. Be sure to check the schedule for shows that are often performing in the amphitheatre.

Lifestyle and property in Green Point
Property in Green Point is always in high demand as the central suburb is popular amongst local buyers and renters who work in the neighbouring suburbs or the CBD. The area is home to many of the trendiest, up-and-coming apartment blocks on the Atlantic Seaboard. With most occupants in the area being renters, there is a high interest from foreign investors who rent their homes.

The lifestyle in Green Point differs from other suburbs on the Atlantic Seaboard, as it is perfect for families and young working people. The area is busy by day, with many driving through the area to get to the CBD. However, at night it quietens down on Somerset Road, making it perfect for apartments located on the road to get a bit of sleep without the traffic interfering.

Schools in Green Point
The area is home to a nursery school, Nutwood Forest Pre Primary School, one of the many schools on the Atlantic Seaboard. Residents of the suburb can send their munchkins to this centrally-located crèche whilst they are at work. There are many primary schools, and high schools in the neighbouring areas that will make your move to the area a wise choice as the commute is not strenuous.

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