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Discover the methods to beautifully decorate your home office

Coming home after a long day at the office is a blessing. You can grab some dinner and watch some TV, but you still want to wrap up a few things from the office before the next day.  You can only do this efficiently if your office space is a decluttered masterpiece; it’s your space so you can definitely put your own personality into it.

You may not be able to decorate your office at your company, but here are five steps to decorating your home office, making it the most productive area in the house. No matter how big or small your space is there are many things you can do to optimize your space.

Location is vital

You are likely to spend your most productive hours in this area, so you need to make sure your office space is in a well lit room. Natural light is great for productivity and doesn't disconnect you from the outside world. However, with that said, consider how distracted you can get; if the room has windows that look over a busy road then you should look at relocating to a room with less outside noise to distract you.

Comfort leads to productivity

Choose the most comfortable chair - one that you wouldn't mind spending hours in. It is important that you are seated in a piece of furniture that supports you. Whether you want to add a cushion to lean on is up to you but the chair needs to be the perfect height for your desk and computer.  

Colour your space

A great idea to make your home office your own space is to choose a wall and paint it your favourite colour. The space  may house many of your work frustrations but the one thing that it doesn't need to be is dull. Put some good energy into the room with a wall dedicated to your favourite colour.

Organization is key

Invest in stationery to really get you into the frame of mind to organise all aspects of your life. Neutral file holders or your favourite colour folders are great ways to file away papers, decluttering your desk in the process. You can also place all your files on a bookshelf. Pencil and pen holders are great to clear unnecessary clutter off your desk too.

Here is a bright idea

Make sure that your office has not only natural light but a great lighting system. This great for general sight, and it will decrease your eye strain and chance of headaches. Make sure your computer is placed out of the window’s glare and place a lamp on the desk for task lighting.


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