How to successfully upscale your living space

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Here are five ways you can make your spaces work for you

You’ve made the decision to upscale your living environment. Your needs and those of your family's have outgrown your quaint little home, and now you've got all this extra space. How can you ensure that you are using your new large space efficiently, making it work with your current furniture?

Here are five ways that will help you make open spaces your friend, and make the shift into your larger home a delight;

Think big and think small

Even though you’ve got new spaces to fill, do not take this opportunity to fill it with furniture that is not needed. If you fill up every space you have, you will turn your larger home into your smaller home. Stay with your smaller home mindset, keeping furniture in a normal spacing - do not fret about the open space around your dining room (it’s meant to be this way)

Buy for necessity not want

This is a difficult one to keep under control. Once you've got space, there is an urge to go out and purchase all the latest decor and furniture for your dream home. Stop yourself for a few reasons; there is no rush to fill your home, only buy when you're able to afford it. You will save money this way, by not having to change your decor every time new trends come and go.

Smart buying

There are certain items for which you should aim to fork out a bit more money. One of these is the sectional couch in the lounge area. Couches are important to divide a room, but also important in creating a natural flow for the house, as most time will be spent in these communal areas. Invest in furniture which eases the flow of your rooms and which lasts years, rather than spending exorbitant amounts on decor which you are most likely going to throw out the moment the trend changes.

Colour schemes

In your new, larger home, you need to decided how you are going to decorate. This does not mean one set theme, and that's the end of it - let your house breathe. Keep furniture away from walls and windows to fill your spaces better. Choose colours which will let your spaces flourish - have a look at our colour palette to decide a flow for your home which will emphasise your furniture choices.

Spaces for spaces

Once you've upscaled, you will probably forget that this is the best part; choosing what to do with spaces. Focus on one room at a time - this way you can let the whole family help decide on how the house will look, making it a more cohesive environment (and just plain fun for everyone). A bit of advice; start with communal areas first, then move on to the bedrooms.

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