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We spoke to Aiden Hart from INHOUSE, the design studio that worked on the architectural interiors and products for The Estate. INHOUSE have partnered with Berman Bros Group on various projects and guide the style and development aspects of these projects.

1. Why do you love working with Berman Bros Group?

There is a natural symbiotic relationship between INHOUSE and BBG. We’re currently busy with the Berman Brothers Property offices and it’s going to be phenomenal. We’re so excited to reveal them.

2. Do you enjoy working with MLB Architects?

We work hand-in-hand with design architects MLB and they have a wealth of experience when it comes to buildings and architecture and the technical aspects of these buildings and relating architecture.

Our relationship with them and other choice partners compliments a development like The Estate as it sees a collaboration between the developers, architects, interiors, landscapers and brand developers of The Estate. This symbiosis is a solution, a recipe that is new rather than unusual and at the moment it's changing the way that the building industry works.

The Estate is a vision born from Paul and Saul Berman’s adventurous and dynamic minds. It's a big vision with no space for a “small thinking” kind of approach. It feels like we’ve all come together and said: “guys let’s create the best that the Cape Peninsula has ever seen.”

In saying that, I would be confident to state that it's going to rank up there amongst the best developments in South Africa and most certainly in Southern Africa.

There’s a level of quality and luxury that will form beyond simply being a well-designed building. All the details have been carefully thought through. From the moment you arrive at the building to the moment you leave again.

It is these designs based on lifestyle choices that sets The Estate apart from other apartment blocks that have been developed in the Atlantic Seaboard. And absolutely no expense has been spared to produce the best product possible.

3. What makes The Estate different to any other property developments?

What sets the Berman brothers apart from other developers is their passion and their expertise. Saul can stand outside and talk to a bricklayer about laying bricks and he can have a conversation with a banker about finance and that is an unusually broad skill set to have. Saul’s practical skills combined with Paul’s logistical skills together with their professionalism makes working with them an inspiring adventure. They are committed and fiercely loyal to their teams.  

4. When someone buys an apartment in The Estate they have a choice of finishes. Please tell us more about that.

Buyers get to choose between the classic or the modern finish. The modern option is a warmer, moodier and darker pallet, while the classical option is lighter and brighter.

The project itself is set out to create an apartment that is ready to use with nothing other than personal articles needed to fill it in a style that owners can relate to.

So there is no one-style fits all type scenario and we developed what we consider the two fairly timeless and contemporary products that will speak to two different buyers, but that would not require tweaking when they move in. They simply move in.

And then they hang their paintings or add their coffee table books etc.

Here I think it's important to note that the modern option is a complete design around a client’s taste and it will speak to quite a broad spectrum of buyers. In saying that, the modern is a design that appeals to 80% of buyers taste and the classic is a design that appeals to 80% of buyers taste although they are very different.  These are not elements that will be so specific that only 20% will like the one and 20% will like the other. Both are stunning and it will be difficult to decide between either options.

5. Why modern darker and classic lighter? And is this reflected in the communal spaces?

When I think about luxury classic, I think Monte Carlo and Palazzo. There is the beading details and marble floors.

If I think modern, I think New York penthouse or London penthouse.

The big elements that aren't tangible yet are the common spaces and the landscape avenue. That’s going to be a security lobby entrance that provides all the security my wife would want when I was not home.

The space that’s been developed for the concierge is a triple volume foyer. It is intended to have a concierge service, very similar to a 5-star hotel and it will have a fantastic glass wall on the one side with reflective architectural detail embedded on it.

A guest will arrive and they are led into the lounge and lobby bar space which is a common area where residents could conduct business meetings without having to open their living areas for this purpose.

There is another communal space which opens up to a garden and pool deck. All of these common spaces reflect a huge amount of attention to detail and we are busy with developing a wine cellar environment which will have a locker and climate controlled equipment to allow wine to be stored for each individual. Included in the wine storage space is a large tasting table that residents can book to enjoy fine wine or whisky with friends. An entertainment area in the real sense of the word.

There are details that we’re still defining, such as that each apartment has a locker that could perhaps be pre-stocked with quality wines. If you consume the pre-stocked wine, the concierge will restock the cellar and costs will be charged to your levie.

6. Will there will be staff to service those areas?

It's an access-controlled environment. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel extensively around the world and have been to some very high-end residential projects to look at what those services provided. Going the extra mile sets these developments apart. Small things like having your newspaper dropped at your door by the concierge.

Every touch and every little detail reflects ultimate luxury and the brand identity of The Estate reflects through on elements such as the security screens at the entrance, the door handles, the keys, to the branding of the shower doors. So what you will find in a hotel is now in your home.

7. Are there any real differences between the two blocks that The Estate consist of?

No significant differences, but one is slightly wider with more units in it.

Obviously different apartments have different unique aspects that differentiate each of them, but they all have views stretching across the Atlantic Seaboard. I personally prefer the Bantry Bay/Sea Point view to the Clifton view as Clifton is darker at night, while with the other you have the city lights below and then the sea. But it’s a personal choice.

8. What are you most proud?

The continuity of design and finishes and that’s really because of the way the team has been put together by Paul and Saul. There’s a completeness to the whole experience that is very rare when working on a residential development.

9. What is your favourite part of The Estate?

I think the triple volume lobby is going to be a massive feature. It isn’t there yet, so I can’t say it’s my favourite part yet, but I think it's going to be exciting. To arrive at something so breathtaking.


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