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Welcome to the small paradise of Llandudno - a hidden retreat on the Atlantic Seaboard that is mainly home to surfers and laid back holidaymakers. With no restaurants or shops, this little corner of land and sea is probably best known for Sandy Bay, the Cape’s secluded, clothing-optional beach.

Where is Llandudno?

Take a drive from Camps Bay to Hout Bay along the stunning seaside Victoria Road and you will pass by Llandudno at the top of the ridge. Backed by Kleinleeu Koppie (a miniature version of Lion’s Head), Llandudno winds its way down from the crest of Victoria Road to the Atlantic Ocean. Llandudno is 12km from the Cape Town city centre and a three-minute drive from Hout Bay. At just 2.89 square kilometres, it is one of the smallest suburbs along the Atlantic Seaboard. Real estate consists of luxurious and expensive private properties; both holiday homes for tourists and full-time residences for locals.

The history of Llandudno

If you thought the name sounded a bit Welsh, you’re correct. In 1903, the valley was named after the North Wales seaside resort of Llandudno. It was declared a township and the similarities between the bay in which it resides and Llandudno in Wales led to the adoption of the name in the Western Cape.

Things to do in Llandudno

There are no commercial properties in Llandudno - no restaurants, cafes or shops. Spending money in Llandudno is limited to hiring beach umbrellas and buying ice creams from the beach vendors. This makes it a cheap and cheerful location, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach.

The stunning beach cove is covered in pristine, white sand and features the Cape’s signature Azure waters. Giant boulders flank the beach on either side, creating a popular backdrop for photoshoots and commercials. Llandudno is a popular spot for beach volleyball, beach rugby, kite-flying and surfing, as well as family picnics and sunbathers.

If beaches are not your thing, then you can also hike the trails around Kleinleeu Koppie, the small sentinel that overlooks Llandudno and Hout Bay. The renowned nude beach, Sandy Bay, can be accessed from Llandudno by walking through the fynbos at the southern end of the suburb.


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