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Spend a day exploring the Atlantic Seaboard at the furthermost north point of your journey will take you to Mouille Point (pronounced ‘moo-lee’). With a small selection of coffee shops and restaurants, this coastal suburb is a great place to hang out on a sunny day.

The top end of the Sea Point promenade starts in Mouille Point, and although there is only one sandy beach in the area, it is still a fantastic place from which to view the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is Mouille Point?

The seaside suburb acts as a buffer between Green Point and the Atlantic Ocean, stretching from the edge of the V&A Waterfront, along the coast and down to Three Anchor Bay. Mouille Point is a small and narrow suburb with only two main roads, Beach Road and Bay Road.

Its total area is 0.34 and it has a population of just over 1700 people. The typical residential property in Mouille Point is a high-rise apartment block that overlooks the sea. These apartments are geared towards wealthier buyers.

A brief history of Mouille Point

The name comes from the French language. In the 1700s, ships often ran aground or were blown ashore in the area, prompting the governor to build a breakwater to protect anchored ships in Table Bay.

Farmers loaded wagons with stones and offloaded them to Mouille Point where slaves and prisoners built the structure. After three years, only 100m had been built so the project was scrapped. In 1781, the arrival of the French saw the construction of a battery near the unfinished structure (known as a mouille to the new inhabitants), hence they named the area Mouille Point.

Things to do in Mouille Point

The iconic red-and-white striped Green Point lighthouse is located in Mouille Point. The old Mouille Point lighthouse used to be located on the eastern side of the suburb, next to Granger Bay, but by tradition, a new lighthouse cannot have the same name as an old one hence the name Green Point lighthouse being assigned to the new structure. This lighthouse is a landmark and worth a quick visit.

Keen-eyed visitors to the area may spot a manmade structure not far from the shore at the carpark at the eastern end of Mouille Point. This structure is, in fact, the iron engine block of the RMS Athens which ran aground on 17 May 1865. 17 other ships were wrecked on the same day during a massive northwesterly gale.

For visitors with children, the western stretch of the promenade in Mouille Point offers an exciting playground. A kiddies park, bush maze, Putt-Putt and a miniature blue train offer hours of endless fun, right on the coastline. Once some energy has been dispensed, take your kids across the road to The Creamery for a indulgent ice cream in one of their unique flavours.

Hungry and thirsty visitors can choose from a few cosy spots along Mouille Point’s golden mile (Beach Road) to satisfy their appetites. Caffe Neo, The Butcher Shop & Grill, Sotano, Newport Market and Deli, Manga, Lily’s, Pepenero and The Hussar Grill are all located on this stretch of road and cater to any budget and craving.

Behind Mouille Point lies the Green Point Common where a number of playing fields and a golf course can be used by people with a love for sports and exercise. The newly revamped Green Point Urban Park is also a great spot for families and individuals who want to stretch their legs and breathe some fresh seaside air out in the sun.


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