Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Fresh

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The season of giving is near, so why not give back to your home with these natural fragrances.

Its that time of the year when houses are given a fresh coat of paint, windows are cleaned until they are spotless, the carpets are washed - and even the dogs get their coats brushed out. How comforting is a home that smells fresh and natural?

We may all agree that opening the windows during spring lets in the sweet scents of blooming flowers and natural air. But when the weather hits 30 degrees Celsius, that may not be the best idea.

So here are a few easy and natural methods to make your home smell fresh.

Scented vinegar for cleaning
Since it’s the season of giving - and cleaning - let’s start with your home. Cleaning your home does not necessarily get rid of bad odours. It is ideal to use a cleaner that leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. The easy-to-make vinegar cleaner can be used to clean all sorts of things in your home. Here’s how you can make this cleaner.

Spray for your fabrics

Most homes have pets that sometimes leave scents engrained into fabrics. This is a problem faced by most pet owners, but there are a few natural solutions. If you do not have a diffuser, you can simply fill a small spray bottle with water, a bit of baking soda and your favourite essential oil. Shake well and let the fabric spraying begin.

Tip: Use lavender in your bedrooms for the calming properties and citrus oils in the living room and dining room for a natural energy boost.

Deodorising your carpets with natural powders

Carpets can store the nastiest of odours and sometimes we ignore the fact that they need to smell good too. You can eliminate odours from your carpets by making your own deodorising carpet powder. Sprinkling the powder on your carpet helps pick up dirt and hair, leaving behind a fresh natural fragrance. Here is how to make your own deodorising carpet cleaner.

Natural air purifiers

One of the first things you see when entering someone’s home is their pot plants. Although they add beauty to any home, plants also purify the air in our homes. Here is a list of plants you can get for your home.

These are a few, but definitely effective, methods to getting your house smelling fresh, clean and welcoming this festive season.


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