New water challenge faces Cape Town

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The City of Cape Town has informed residents that their water bills may be much higher than usual after the implementation of the new water metering system. They admitted that ‘technical challenges’ have arisen with the new electronic system whereby monthly meter readings are uploaded and an automated bill is sent to the resident.

According to Xanthea Limberg, a mayoral committee member, some of these bills will only be estimates, despite actual readings being successfully uploaded. This may result in slightly higher-than-expected bills is some cases.

Limberg has suggested that affected residents should settle the estimated bill as if it were an actual one, and their account will be credited for the next meter reading. She also points out that if the estimated bill far exceeds the actual consumption, or if the bill is unaffordable, residents must phone the city’s call centre or visit their nearest branch to request an investigation. The debt will be suspended until the investigation is completed.

Capetonians are still urged to register for e-services and also conduct their own meter readings to verify that the correct consumption has been charged. From 1 March, estimated accounts will be based on the average consumption over the past three months, which will minimise errors in the bill.

These estimated readings can also affect a property’s green dot on the city’s innovative water map. In certain cases, properties with estimated readings will be assigned a grey dot, meaning that no data exists for that property. This is a temporary status that will be resolved once the March readings are uploaded.


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