Should you still decorate when you are renting?

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Temporary homes can still be decorated

Should you even bother decorating your living space if you do not own the property? The answer; yes! Decorate, whether it is a temporary or permanent house, so that you can come home to a place that reflects a part of you and makes you feel at home every night. Here are five of the easiest decorating tips that won’t cost you an arm and leg when you move out.

Cue the curtains

This is a great way to instantly transform your living spaces. Neutral curtains work well with bright furniture, however if you are going for a neutral setting and want to add a little flare, then find a gorgeous pattern on your curtains. Opting for curtains instead of blinds, adds a lot of personality your home it also doesn't cost an exorbitant amount to change.

Bookshelves as focal points

To avoid making holes in the walls with nails, buy a bookshelf. This creates a centre point for your room. Using patterned paper to enhance your bookshelf, you can create a pop of colour. You can even paint the shelf for extra personality in the room. If you have a neutral colour pallette, a bookshelf with a bit of spunk is all you need to decorate it.

Window boxes

Adding plants to your living space has been proven to increase productivity levels, as well as spruce up your home. Placing them by the windows has a multilayered purpose, as not only does it place your new plant in sunlight but it also creates a decorative aspect to the view (if you do not have a view, placing a plant there is most ideal).


Rugs are the perfect decorators and they can follow you to all of your homes. Carpets range in price, however, jute carpets are likely to always fit into your decorating budget. These rugs come in all sizes and can go with anything, and are a great feature that can cover imperfections on the floor (uneven or chipped tiling).

If you can't paint the wall, paint the furniture
Painting the wall of a rental is more tricky with the looming deposit over your head, however if you have a bookshelf, table or chair that is neutral - paint it! Add some colour to your furniture and the whole room will transform. Bright colours are always best for neutral rooms, however if your room is quite bright already, painting a piece of furniture to a dark solid colour can add slight cohesion to the room, helping it not look too busy.


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