Steps to take to buying your first home

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Buy your dream home using the right approach

Here it is, the Game of Homes! You're ready to enter the race for the iron throne of homes. You have an idea about where you want to live and what your budget is, but you aren’t entirely sure what process you need to follow to ensure you do not lose out on some of the finest properties in Westeros.

Now the Atlantic Seaboard might not be the capital of the Seven Kingdoms , but it is not void of properties like Winterfell.

So here are the steps to take when you start the buying strategy in these Cape Town areas:

Assess your power

Here, you will need to establish what your budget is. You will need to be realistic; weigh up your available funds, along with your chances of getting a loan. Do your research, visit banks, speak to real estate agents who can guide you down the right paths to take. It is important to be honest with yourself and anyone you are looking to move in with, as you do not want to overestimate your budget and end up in disappointment or even worse, in debt.

Assess the stronghold you require

Once you have confirmed your budget, you can start your looking at how many bedrooms you can afford or if you want a garden or an apartment in a high rise? Here, you can really delve into what type of kingdom your budget can give you. The help of an estate agent at this point will help you narrow your search.

Search for the stronghold you will need

The best approach to take when looking for your new Casterly Rock is to ask for help. Real estate agents are likely to know exactly the area you can afford to live in, that will give you what you want. View as many houses and apartments as you can - the more you view the higher the chance of finding your dream home.

Offer some of your power to acquire this stronghold

Once you have found the one, make your offer. Once you have made an offer and it is accepted, the property will be taken off the market. The likelihood of your offer being accepted immediately is not high, as you will most probably go through a round of negotiations (standard in every castle acquisition) so be prepared for a few rounds of hardball.

Gifts of acceptance

Once the offer has been accepted, you’ll need to show a token of faith. Your token here will be in the form of contracts. Make sure you dot your i’s and cross your t’s so that all the necessary paperwork is done and dusted, and you can get to our favourite part of this process - moving in!

Tell Drogon to fly, you’ve got your new lair.

The time has come when you are ready to move in - your favourite castle will now become the kingdom where you will rule. Make sure you get all your boxes ready on a day where you can organize a moving company to transport furniture and boxes for you.


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