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Property runs in Bianca’s blood. Her family has been involved in the property game for years and it is here where her passion for the industry was sparked. She joined the Berman Brothers Group in 2012 as a Project Manger where she managed ‘The Point’ in Sea Point. She is currently the sales and property manager for the Atlantic Seaboard.

What do you do and which parts of your job do you love?

I am the sales and property manager at Berman Brothers Properties. I love connecting with people and helping them with one of the most important aspects of their lives – their home.

When did you start working for Berman Brothers?

December 2012

What would you tell your 20-year-old self when asked about saving and investing in property in your future?

Property is one of the few ways which you can grow your wealth without using your time. I truly believe in saving so that you can have a decent deposit for a property. Forgoing that pair of shoes or that new car, which does not grow in value, so that you can purchase a property is definitely worth it. Also after paying off your mortgage loan the income you could generate from that property could be a gateway to early retirement or travel. 

What advice would you give people looking for property along the Atlantic Seaboard?

The Atlantic Seaboard has proved itself to be a resilient market. The area is also unique in its design – surrounded by mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, the geographical limitations create an area which has no more space to grow/ develop and therefore demand always outstrips supply.  

Where would you buy property in South Africa if you were given R2 000 000?

I would invest in a studio or one-bedroom apartment on the Atlantic Seaboard.

Please share some tips with us on what to watch out for when viewing a property before buying?

Important tips:

  1. Always read the agreement carefully before signing.
  2. Check the zoning of the surrounding properties especially if the apartment has good views as someone could always go up in front of you.
  3. Parking is vital for any property.
  4. Always ask your agent what other monthly charges there could be.
  5. If buying into a sectional title building – always ask for the body corporate rules, financials and minutes from the last meeting.

If you could buy a small apartment anywhere in the world except Cape Town, where would it be?

I would buy in Tel Aviv. It is a vibrant city with beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants and coffee culture and the property market is very strong.

Where would you take a group of tourists on their first day in Cape Town?

A walk on Signal Hill would be the first place I would take them. The views and the exercise leave one feeling totally in love with Cape Town.

Which secret spots do you love to visit on the Atlantic Seaboard?

The secret rock at the end of Ocean View drive. The views are undeniably the best in Cape Town and the sunsets from that spot are one of a kind. 

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