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What to do and where to eat when you are in Woodstock, Cape Town
Woodstock is home to many interesting places and faces, and so it is best experienced by walking through the streets. Each street is home to a different page of history where you can easily spend a day experiencing the array of activities and sights on offer. We have found some great places to enjoy delicious meals and fabulous drinks, as well as some activities you can get up to. Check it out; 

The Old Biscuit Mill  
Home to the Neighbourhood Goods Market that takes place every Saturday, where visitors can expect fresh organic homemade foods. Visitors can also sip on tasty beverages, ranging from cocktails and wines to health juices and uniquely-brewed hot drinks. There are many restaurants and clothing boutiques in which to spend a penny or two if you are in the mood to splurge!
+27(0)21 447 8194 ' 375 Albert Road ' Woodstock

Trafalgar Park
This fabulous park can serve as an escape from the hustle and bustle of busy Capetonian life. The park is known for being a popular meeting spot for students, people on their lunch breaks and kiddies who want to stretch their legs a bit. Feel free to bring a blanket and simply sit on the lawn to soak up the sun, where you can park-off and enjoy a little midday picnic. There is also a pathway for cyclists to enjoy. The park is pet-friendly, so bring along your furry friend but remember the leash! The lush greenery makes the park perfect for a few insta-worthy pics. z
+27(0)21 590 1900 ' Victoria Road ' Woodstock

Antique Shopping 
Antique shopping is extremely popular in Woodstock. Expect to find stores like:
  • Dress Me Up (vintage and retro clothing)
  • Milkshed (wood design)
  • CollectMeaStory (vintage books, militaria, crockery, vintage clothes and more)
  • Recreate (Salvaged items into something beautiful for your home)
  • World of rustic frames (Old fashioned whitewashed frames)
  • Wauhaus (More Upmarket selling armoires, art and antiques)

Hike to Woodstock Cave 
This is one of the few hikes in Cape Town that you can do barefoot. Woodstock cave is one of the largest caves on Table Mountain. Once you get halfway up Devil's Peak you will be able to see Woodstock and Salt River.  
+27(0)21 712 0527 ' Woodstock

Graffiti Tour 
Experience a cultural-awakening with Juma Mkwela’s street art tour. The 60 to 90 minute guided walk through the nooks, alleys and streets of Woodstock.The walk brings attention to the beauty in the streets that people often miss. Woodstock is filled with vibrant creativity which you will experience with every step - definitely something to do in the area!  
+27(0)21 761 0071 ' Woodstock 

Salt Circle Arcade
Situated close to the Old Biscuit Mill, this quirky purple building offers its visitors a whole horde of different products to buy and services to experience. This unassuming centre offers new and second-hand books, fresh breads and pastries as well as designer clothing, eco-friendly furniture, textiles and much more! This fabulous centre really is a jack-of-all-trades.
364 Albert Road ' Woodstock

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