Tips for the Perfect Housewarming

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Once you've bought (or rented) your perfect place, there aren’t many things, other than unpacking the final few boxes, that should stress you out. One thing that might cause your blood pressure to rise, is the planning of the perfect housewarming. 

We know how stressful this can be, so we've put together a few tips on throwing the best possible house warming ensuring that everyone who attends, has a great time. 

The Dos: 

  • Send out invitations two weeks in advance (the longer notice will guarantee guests attendance) 
  • Come up with a unique theme (eg. Nacho-average-house-warming) 
  • Cater enough food and stick to your chosen theme (eg. Mexican theme = tacos and tequilas) 
  • Provide entertainment (this can be a game, live music, or a fabulous background playlist)  

The Don’ts:

  • Isolate the party (make sure you walk around the room and engage with all your guests) 
  • Expect gifts (hide your disappointment, it’s a mood killer) 
  • Invite too many guests (try not to overcrowd your new home - it’s the Hunger Games with your guest list, remember) 

Stick to these simple guidelines and we guarantee your debut party will be unforgettably fabulous. 

Happy planning!


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