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Here’s a guide on rental renovations to attract interest

Your property is open and available for new tenants but you haven’t begun the advertising. Before you rush into it, you may want to consider spicing things up for the next tenant.

Home improvements would certainly give you an advantage in attracting better quality tenants who always pay their rent on time, look after your property and ones who are extremely difficult to find in the current economic climate.

If you looking for quality tenants, maybe you should do the following:


The budget may be a little tight but it will really make a difference in changing your house from ordinary to special. The kitchen is one room that receives the most scrutiny from potential tenants and it could be the difference between getting and losing the tenant. The best kitchen “fixes” are attractive, durable countertops, new cabinet doors, tiled walls, modern backsplashes, modern taps and handles, additional plug-points and extra spaces for appliances.

Bathroom update

Bathrooms get the same scrutiny as kitchens do and get a competitive edge, you need to get those minor damages fixed. Think bigger vanities with more counter space, tiled instead of painted walls, modern taps, handles and showerheads, large mirrors, bright lighting and frameless walk-in showers.

New flooring

Scuffed floors and old carpeting is definitely a put-off, no matter how clean it is and installing new low-maintenance tiles or wood flooring throughout will immediately give the home a more modern look. Alternatively, should the old carpet have a parquet flooring underneath, it is worth having it restored to its original lustrous condition.

New lighting

The location of your property can do you no good if the lighting is not on point. A home that has nice lighting is very warm and welcoming, so installing modern fittings and high power LED globes may be ideal. Also consider installing some additional over-counter lighting in kitchens and bathrooms.

More storage

Having unused spaces that could easily be transformed in appealing storage for tenants. Remember, clutter creates stress and tenants who cannot store their extra towels or winter woollies are quickly going to get tired of making do.

Applying these steps will not guarantee the tenants you want, but it brings you closer to them.


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